Why Lifetime Warranty Owners Laugh

It’s all about the benefits! That’s right, owners of the lifetime warranty protection plan have benefits that no one else does and those who own it have the right to laugh…and they do…all the way to the bank!


Hey dear, now that we’ve got that lifetime warranty plan, I’m going to the store to get that big screen TV we’ve been saving for!

One of the biggest benefits you will enjoy is the fact that any electronic product you purchase from this moment forward is covered for life. That’s right…if you buy a big screen TV tomorrow, it will be covered under your warranty plan for life.

This may mean that you might want to consider stepping up to the next model with a couple extra features. Why not spend a few extra dollars, you’ll never have to purchase another TV again unless you want to, so you might as well get the one you really want, and besides, you can now use the money you would have spent for that expensive 2 year extended warranty to upgrade your purchase.

If you know you’re going to buy an electronic product in the near future, do your research early, compare the features you really want, and start saving now. You may even want to wait until it goes on sale and get it for an even better price. The biggest mistake so many people make is that they feel they have to have it now, and they purchase it with a credit card.

Here is a secret of the wealthy you may not have heard yet… the poor pay interest, the wealthy earn interest. That is worth knowing, but there is a third part to the equation that is never mentioned, and that is the smart shopper waits and buys it at the best price possible without paying high credit card interest. When paying with a credit card, you often pay as much or more in interest than you actually pay for the product because most of the payment goes towards interest rather than principle.


warrantyYour old laptop computer was showing signs that it was going to need to be replaced soon, so you were smart and did your research and found the laptop that you really want. Your old laptop lasted long enough that you were able to save enough to get the high end model rather than the lower model. You make your purchase and the cashier asks you that long awaited question, “Do you want the extended warranty?”

Now it’s time for the laughter to begin. Instead of paying that extra money for that 2 year extended warranty, you put that money towards the higher model you really wanted since you are the proud owner of lifetime coverage on all of your electronic purchases.

Your response to the cashier, “No thank you, this is covered under my lifetime warranty plan!” Don’t forget to laugh as you reply!

Oh…chances are, the person waiting in line behind may ask you about your lifetime coverage. Ask us about our “My Warranty Rewards Promoter Program” and enjoy the benefits of earning monthly residual income for everyone you refer who joins our program!

Happy shopping!

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