The History and Evolution of The Lifetime Warranty

Cavemen didn't have a warranty to depend on.

I hope they don’t ask me for a warranty for this thing.

From the beginning of time, right after man discovered electricity, man invented electronic products to take advantage of such an amazing discovery. After the light bulb was invented, someone thought of the radio, then a black and white TV, and then one day someone came up with the idea to make that TV colorful. The next thing you know, they wanted to make it bigger, and then bigger, and even bigger and now we have large screen TV’s.

And then someone else thought of other great inventions to create. That radio got better and better and the next thing you know we had stereo systems. They became so good someone decided to wire it up to the TV and gave us SURROUND SOUND. And then we learned how to record things. VCR’s came along, which evolved into DVD’s and DVR’s.

All of a sudden the video camera popped up out of nowhere. And then cell phones came along and everyone has one of those, and those cell phone now have the ability to take pictures, and videos, and it’s almost like having a computer on your hip or in your purse. Oh wait, did I forget to mention the computer…that thing that used to take up a whole room that now fits into your pocket that calculates anything and everything and figures stuff out and makes your life so much easier.

And computers somehow evolved into video games and now you can play almost any game you want to on that colorful TV, and with surround sound too. Have they figured out how to make that video game take a picture of the person playing the game and put their face into the game…yeah, have they figured out how to do that yet? I don’t know, I don’t have one that does that yet, and I haven’t read about it yet. If not, it’s my idea and I expect to be compensated for it…got that?

Ouch...this really hurts.

Ouch…this really hurts.

Ok, I said all of that to say this…. sometimes those great inventions break, they quit working, and it can be expensive to pay for repairs, and sometimes they can’t be fixed, so you have to buy a new one. Ouch. Yep, that hurts. It hurts the wallet. The more expensive the item, the more pain there is.

So someone then came up with the great idea to create a form of insurance to protect all of those wonderful electronic products, and they called it the extended warranty. But there is a problem. Those extended warranties can be expensive and usually don’t last long enough, so therefore you wind up wasting your money if your fancy electronic product doesn’t break by the end of the warranty period.

So now what?

Well…the process of electronic evolution never seems to stop, and someone thought up an awesome idea…they created the Lifetime Warranty Protection Plan that protects your awesome new electronic products FOREVER AND EVER and now you don’t have to worry about your stuff breaking anymore. How cool is that?

Did you get all of that? Good. Now that you understand that evolutionary process, it’s time to get you signed up for your lifetime warranty to protect all of your absolutely incredible and wonderful electronic products you just can’t live without.

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