Extended Warranties or Lifetime Warranty?

We live in a gadget happy world. Electronic products are everywhere. On average each home has over 40 electronic products. Some are expensive, some not so expensive, and some cost you your first born child along with an arm and a leg.

Think about how many electronic products you own. If you have several children, you have quite an investment. The question is, what is the best way to protect your investment? Should you buy an extended warranty on every purchase, or is there an alternative? Extended warranties can be costly. For years, a handful of companies have offered overpriced extended warranties through major retail stores at premium costs. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of the consumer…you.

What if you purchased an extended warranty for every electronic item in your home?

Take a mental walk through your home. How many rooms have TV’s? For every TV you probably have a Blue Ray or VCR/DVD combo player or a DVR. Attached to that might be a surround sound system, and of course attached to most TV’s are video gaming systems. Do you have just one stereo that everyone shares, or is there a stereo player in each of the kids rooms? You might even have a karaoke player and maybe even several MP3 players.

Computers are an essential electronic product in almost every home. How many do you have? A desktop in the office or kitchen? A laptop, or maybe several laptops? What about tablets? Each kid has to have their own tablet these days. And what about that computer on your hip, that thing that used to be known as a cell phone…how many of those are there in your family? And wait…every home with a computer has to have a printer/scanner, sometimes more than one.

How many camera’s do you own? What about video camera’s? Do you have GPS unit…one for each car? And how do you wake up every morning…clock radio? Got one in each room? How many vacuums do you own? Did you get one of those expensive models from the door to door guys, or perhaps one of those really nice deals on the shopping networks? Whether you spend a couple hundred dollars, or a couple thousand dollars, it’s still not an inexpensive purchase.

Let’s take a trip to the kitchen. How many electronic products do you have in the kitchen? Do you own one of those fancy blenders, maybe even one of those commercial type blenders that does everything? Those aren’t cheap. You might have a bread maker, a juicer, maybe even a dehydrator. There are tons of small kitchen appliances, way too many to list them all here, so just take that mental walk into your kitchen to remind yourself of which electronic products you own.

Whew! Didn’t realize there was so much, did you? Now just image the cost to put a 2 year extended warranty on most or all of those electronics. Who could afford that?

The Warranty Solution

Yes, we live in a gadget happy world, full of electronic products, and the overall cost can be astounding once you add it up. But how do you protect that investment? When you purchased your products, chances are you were offered a 2 year extended warranty. If you said yes every time you were offered, you increased your investment another 20 or 30% on average, but after two years, that money was lost. You know that feeling, don’t you?

Lifetime Warranty or Extended Warranty?An extended warranty can be awesome, if your product happens to break during the warranty period. But if it doesn’t, you lost your money. Unfortunately, that is the nature of extended warranties, and the risk you have to decide whether or not to take….or do you?

What if you didn’t have to risk that money? What if those extended warranties could be extended…for life? But wait, wouldn’t that cost just a bit too much? What if you could get a lifetime warranty protection plan on every single electronic product you own and what if you could get it for One Low Monthly Fee,  regardless of how many electronic products you own?


That’s right, for one low monthly fee you can now protect every electronic product you own for life. And when you sign up, every electronic product you currently own up to four years old is protected, and any electronic product you purchase in the future can be added without an additional charge.

Just imagine the next time you make a purchase and the cashier asks if you want to add the extended warranty and you get to reply “no thanks, this is already covered under my lifetime warranty plan.” Instead of spending money on an extended warranty, you can upgrade your product if you choose to do so, which is just one awesome benefit to owning a lifetime warranty plan!

It’s easy to get started. If you still have questions, you may visit our corporate website at MyLifeTimeWarranty.com or call (803) 580-5205.

Are you ready to get started? Ready to protect your gadget happy home?

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