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Drive into any major city and you’ll notice lots of tall buildings. Have you ever noticed that the majority of those tall buildings are usually owned by banks, insurance companies, or real estate companies?

Have you ever wondered why?

Drive through any large city and notice how many banks, insurance agencies, or real estate agencies there are all around town?

Have you ever wondered why?

It’s a simple business principle, they understand the power of residual income and they understand the power of owning their own agencies.[/two_third_last]

There’s a new agency in town, The Warranty Agency!

The Warranty Agency is a “very easy to learn business model,” where you simply enroll customers into our ground breaking consumer electronics lifetime warranty protection plan. Unlike those other agencies, you will not be required to spend hours and hours in classes preparing to take licensing exams. For every new customer you enroll, you not only get paid when they enroll, you earn monthly passive residual income for as long as they remain enrolled in our protection plan.

Another element in our compensation plan, for every new agent you bring into your business as a manager, you will receive a 25% matching check bonus of their entire immediate and residual monthly/weekly income earnings. Your territory is unlimited, and you are allowed to have agents in as many cities or states as you desire. Your earnings are only limited by your ability to grow your own agency nationwide. Big producers earn big income…isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be!

The Great American Dream is still alive and well for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit, join our team today and start reaping the rewards and benefits you deserve. Become an independent agent today, build your own agency, and earn unlimited residual income!

The best part…as an agent, you can work from home, or from an office. The choice is yours!

Pick up the phone and call now to see if you qualify!


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