Extended Warranties or Lifetime Warranty?

We live in a gadget happy world. Electronic products are everywhere. On average each home has over 40 electronic products. Some are expensive, some not so expensive, and some cost you your first born child along with an arm and a leg. Think about how many electronic products you own. If you have several children, […]

The History and Evolution of The Lifetime Warranty

From the beginning of time, right after man discovered electricity, man invented electronic products to take advantage of such an amazing discovery. After the light bulb was invented, someone thought of the radio, then a black and white TV, and then one day someone came up with the idea to make that TV colorful. The next […]

Why Lifetime Warranty Owners Laugh

It’s all about the benefits! That’s right, owners of the lifetime warranty protection plan have benefits that no one else does and those who own it have the right to laugh…and they do…all the way to the bank! One of the biggest benefits you will enjoy is the fact that any electronic product you purchase from […]

Become An Agency Owner

[one_third] [/one_third][two_third_last]Drive into any major city and you’ll notice lots of tall buildings. Have you ever noticed that the majority of those tall buildings are usually owned by banks, insurance companies, or real estate companies? Have you ever wondered why? Drive through any large city and notice how many banks, insurance agencies, or real estate agencies […]

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EXTENDED WARRANTY or LIFETIME WARRANTY When comparing warranties, it’s a no-brainer decision. You can choose to protect your valuable electronic products for a couple of years, or you can protect them for life. The average household has over 40 electronic products, and it costs thousands of dollars to put a two or three year extended […]